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I paid with my debit card I as well plan on paying my balance off in full each month to avoid the high APR. As of DecemberPremier Bank was reportedly offering a credit card with a This was cited by Senator Bernie Sanders as an example of what he called "extortion and loan sharking ". I have had to wait sometimes longer than minutes and still no code He cant hold back! Loan sharks who charge an obscene profit just because they can don't make good community leaders.

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I frequently max out of necessity then pay it off completely every other month.

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First PREMIERĀ® Bank Reviews

Payed everything on time immediately and did not pay any finance charges. They said most ppl dont max out their cards just to pay it off? He cant hold back! Overall I'd say use at your own risk! He cant help but comment back to everyone.

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bank fist premier
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bank fist premier
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