Dbz comic strip

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One thing is for sure. Best not think too much about it though. Regardless of numbers no matter how strong a villain gets the heroes will always win with some sort of Deus Ex Machina way of rushing through power levels in order to get stronger. A more recent example is Dragon Ball FighterZwhich again is a good game, but gosh they included way too many Gokus. In it, Kel had a certain weakness for orange soda.

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One thing is for sure.

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Then he trains his heart out to fight in the Saiyan saga and blows up almost instantaneously. Saiyan think with their bodies — not their brains. Regardless of which, this strip is simple, but adorable. I know this happens in regular Dragon Ball too, but it always made me confused. In manga, or anime Goku has to be the strongest hero alive. Worst of all is Piccolo.

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dbz comic strip
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dbz comic strip
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