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Self-conscious emotions and the affect revolution: But Moir is not merely unguarded in her language: Now, consider for a moment whether you were merely careless or just unprepared. Preparing for the inevitable scripted transactions encountered with shame-prone patients will help prevent unnecessary levels of perceived shame by the patient and keep the psychotherapy setting safer to enable deeper work. Since then, the trend to an online call-out culture has continued and even intensified, but something changed during

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The fear of embarrassment is closely tied to the fear of uncertainty, rejection, and criticism.

Shame-Related States of Mind in Psychotherapy

She was sentenced to wear a large Scarlett Letter on her breast. Undermodulated reactions, including anger or other obvious signs of dysphoria, will sometimes clearly emerge upon requests for more information or attempts by the psychotherapist to home in on a particular issue. Unfortunately, this results in the loss of a sense of personal power. There are four kinds of families which are most adept at spawning shame-dominated progeny--abusive, neglecting, controlling, and enmeshing families. It could even be said that the fear of embarrassment is nothing more but a mashup of all three fears. When you learn to handle these three fears successfully, you will feel far more confident when stepping into uncomfortable situations that might potentially embarrass you.

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