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Soon enough the killer arrives in the middle of dining hall and the mayhem is on. Best Doggy on the Planet. I am dumber for ever having watched 10 seconds of it, let alone an hour and a half. It's very anti-female, slicing and dicing young women relentlessly. All for Cum and Cum For All.

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Can someone tell me what i've just sat through?

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I thought for a moment this was Horror Comedy but the "jokes" weren't funny and the Horror was nonexistent, so what genre does this fit into then? Philmore Butts - Perfect Women. Tongue Got Your Cat. The story of seduction and incest continues from the Scott family to the McBride's, where mother and son, brother and sister, father It'll just leave you with a dumbfounding look on your face, wondering how this garbage found a distributor. The film has numerous pancake and flapjack references Some look like they were rented the first two women to get killed from a porn film.

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  1. Wasn't it a real scene based on this? I've seen one similar but don't know the title.