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African American 7 f,ynching! Tied together as this tightly structured poem's only outlets, the words "remembering" and "room" form a memory-room within the poem's nitionless space exists on a local scale in "Beverly Hills, Chicago"where the poetic voice wonders" if one has a home" and asks for admittance to "our mutual estate," and on a national, civic scale in "The Blackstone Rangers"which notes of a Chicago street gang that "their country is a Nation on no map. Ample opportunities for further inquiry exist civil rights struggles in Selma, Alabanu; Paris, France; and Aberystwyth, because the study of literature itself has undergone transition - one result Wales. As cultural theorist Michel Foucault has argued, "The connection Amiri Baraka - the indefatigable spokesman for African American socio- between racism and antirevolutionary discourse and politics in the West political narrative throughout the post-civil rights era - is a key transitional is not But the play's financial success mobilized the Black Arts and theater rates of white-on-black violence reached their twentieth-century peak, the scene, generating new prospects for prof-it. Separating themselves from blackness.

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Birgit Brander tity as "double consciousness," a sense of always looking at oneself through Rasmussen argues, "Chesnutt not only condemns the racial terror that the eyes of others.

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Litwack states, "What kind of civil rights movement is produced through this consensus "The civil rights movement began with the presence of enslaved blacks memory and what vision of the present does it help to legitimate, valorize, in the New World, with the first slave mutiny on the ships bringing them or condemn? The novel, like Sanchez's poem, as being the only way to protect the country: Writers imagined confined and segregated places as box, rh, Undersrou nd Railroad, and Nat Torner 's "tit ve," to the "I oophnk" the margins of social space. But while slavery haunts Hayden's poetic vision, abolitionism is equally present as a shaping force. Each discusses the need for new nar- 13 Robert O'Mcally Oxford:

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