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So how is going to celebrate? Part of the reason Casino Royale worked so well was that it depicted a real relationship between Bond and his doomed love interest, Vesper Lynd. Eon Productions "This shaved minutes off of my mission time, easy. At one point in the film, is trapped in public by an enemy agent, and is forced to dance with her in order to prevent a chaotic outburst of violence that could injure civilians this was in an era when dancing was an appropriate response to being cornered by an enemy of the opposite sex. In every combination possible. So it was poison. Eon Productions Yeah, that's our face too right now.

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In every combination possible.

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Bond beauty Eva Green stripped bare: Her sexiest X-rated movies and pictures

Click here to watch a clip. Perfect Sense sees Green and Ewan McGregor attempt negotiate the mysteries that lie between the two sexes. Instead of leaving her body in a dark alley or dumping it in a bathroom stall like a gentleman, Bond sits her lifeless husk down with a blissfully unaware couple and basically tells them to watch her while she "rests". James Bond — pass notes No 3, Don't have an account?

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