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An error has occured. Here Bigas Luna delivers his ordinary and erotic goods in cool sense of stylebut including a lot of unkindly characters. I was never really bored, but nothing really hit me as funny. Why you should watch House of Cards, Homecoming and more. As far as I know the longest nose to nose lip kiss with a fly on the face of one of the kissers is in this film. Tika Sumpter Is 'Nobody's Fool'.

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In one of many strange and awkward scenes, a fight between Jose and Raul erupts, fighting with slabs of ham for Silva's Penelope Cruz heart.

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Miss Cruz totally owns this film but ALL the acting is excellent. The Walking Dead 2. A terrific duel ensues between the lads, with hugely lethal hambones their weapon of choice. Overall, the film was very entertaining the entire 95 minutes. Soundtracks La estrella Mercedes Written by A.

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jamon jamon movie scenes
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jamon jamon movie scenes
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