Mother son thrashed clitoris bounced frantically

When Ashley felt that first glob of the thick, milky substance hit the back of her throat it was a reflex action that followed. Her cunt was grasping at her son's cock like a fist, gripping and relaxing, something that surprised her and delighted her son. As I was filming this, I became aware that the next man had also pulled out of mom and was now cumming all over her ass. His cock, her son's cock, a wide length of hardened forbidden flesh, felt incredible in her cunt. It was an exhilarating sensation, one she enjoyed sometime earlier in the day. Her face, stomach and breasts were scattered with dozens of slimy streaks. My sister got on the phone again to finalize the deal with the agency.

Would this be a valid presumption?


He ran a hand along his now fully hard cock and sank back into Kushina's sloppy pussy, able to glide in easily now. With my entire length already thrust deep inside her there was no control of upward thrusting that I could bring her, and as her stomach muscles rippled with tension and her pelvis ground down against mine, rolling forward and back with practiced rhythm, her fingernails gouging my muscular chest and her head tilted back as she moaned louder, I struggled to see how my male dominance would ever emerge. Anko leaned forward as she spoke, her body bending effortlessly from her sitting position, waist and head descending. Eventually, a smile formed on her lips. This is the man you have wanted for so long…your son, John.

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