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Unfortunately she hates it there for her apartment was always cold, her bed was small and she rarely has anything to eat in her kitchen. She tried to rest but the sudden urge in her makes her took her paw back down and rubs her vagina. Her thought were distracted when she bumped into a crowd of people waiting to cross the line as she begins to walk back to her apartment. Shere Khan's Fantasy You too sir" Nessa replied. Nessa didn't like it due to the fact that the owner favoured the other girls more than Nessa. Nessa knew that it was Pete Sr having sex with another hooker he called over tonight.

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Lion King Rule Lion King Rule Porn The Lion King Rule Anthro Anus

When she got back to her apartment at The Pride Flats, She got her key out of her pocket when she heard thumping and muffied moaning coming from the apartment next door to Nessa's apartment. Nessa really has a sad life going on Will she ever see Mufasa again? Who he was, Nessa had no clue, Like most people, he was a stranger to her Meet and Greet Nessa pleaded him to stop sometimes but he always hits her when she does.

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