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The next minute I felt so goddamn anxious I wanted to breathe in a paper bag. Those are the great discoveries that you make when you're actually taking theory and turning it into practice. Interestingly, the grand staircase was actually grander in film than it was in real life — a full 30 per cent wider. The film critic for the Sunday Times even wrote that "Cameron's overweening pride has come close to capsizing this project," which he labeled "a hackneyed, completely derivative copy of old Hollywood romances. It remains to be seen whether the appeal will translate. Popular Now Find more popular stories.

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Winslet admitted that at some points she was genuinely afraid.

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Titanic anniversary: 20 fascinating facts about the epic blockbuster that almost sank

There may never be another one — maybe a documentarian. Poppy, on the other hand, became well-known for making art on the internet. Though she is very pretty, and presented to seem younger than her 22 years, the effect is unsettling, even sinister — as though David Lynch had drawn from Japanese kawaii culture for a series of straight-to-streaming shorts. They didn't force me to do it; they were glad that I did. Dawson — never mind that it was the grave of Joseph Dawson, a worker on the ship, and not the fictional Jack Dawson, Leonardo DiCaprio's character.

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