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In a time of universal deceit - telling the truth is a revolutionary act. My first Badger killt with the 17 HMR was several years ago and it was a long, head on shot. Fun test, sure helps once you try it, saves ammo costs. On the 22 Mag vs, the 17 HMR. Sales of 22 Magnum arms and ammo are virtually in the toilet. Hope that answers you well enough.

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The 17's advertised and hyped results are not what I have seen side by side vs.

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.22 Winchester Magnum Rimfire ballistic test (.22 WMR) updated

I hear the little ones eat pretty good. They just leave the 22 Magnums at home anymore. I was amazed enough to get a camera and take a picture when I got home. However, I don't have the numbers to support this idea. I know we try to defend our buying decisions. It was not 30 minutes later when another Badger came out of the ground at virtually the same distance and my partner Jack Veness of Yelm, Washington killed that Badger with his 17 HMR. I will guarantee you that all of the biggest of beeves, huge bulls included, even a few bison, that we ever shot in the forehead with a 22mag died on the spot--hundreds of them, and not one ever got back up.

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.22 mag penetration tests
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.22 mag penetration tests
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