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I know nothing of doctor titles in Aus. Come now; not all of those are photoshopped In a medical context. Lol the Dr title is overused in the medical context, fuck in Aus a Chiropracter can get the prefix Dr. Submit a new link. Log in or sign up in seconds. Must be exhausting photoshopping every single one of your pics while trying to keep the fake proportions constant.

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It's like large whole grain miniwheats that fall apart really easy. As big of a meme as the guy is, he does have a masters of surgery which needs a degree in medicine as a prerequisite right? What compells a grown-ass man to consistently ridiculously and unironically alter his images to look nothing like what he looks like in real life, and pretend like nothing happened? Starts out as a brick of dry, compacted grains and you add sugar and hot milk. He deletes every comment that brings up his horrible photoshop, and leaves only the ones praising him. Remember, science, particularly in the area of sports and nutrition, is evolving rapidly.

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