Erotic jealousy syndrome

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Retrieved from " https: This may be due to the fact that, in comparison to securely attached individuals, those who are insecurely attached tend to experience lower levels of trust, intimacy and stability in their romantic relationships. Handbook of cognition and emotion: Sigmund Freud explained erotomania as a defense mechanism to ward off homosexual impulses which can lead to strong feelings of paranoia, denial, displacement and projection. The double-shot hypothesis also known as the two-for-one hypothesis [32] suggests that women have a belief that men can have sexual relations without emotionally committing themselves. Would a rational male deliberately physically and psychologically damage his spouse and the mother of his children?

A Comparative Evolutionary Analysis".

Othello syndrome

For women they can lose their relationship and all the benefits that entails to another. Mate retention tactics in married couples". Scenario i measured sexual jealousy and scenario ii measured emotional jealousy. Different behaviours were found to elicit different extents of sexual jealousy. Explorations in infidelity and commitment. The evolutionary psychology of women. Why jealousy is as necessary as love and sex.

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