Painful burning on clitoris for months

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After reading your comment Most women know when it is yeast and usually the doctor would call in Diflucan or you can get over the counter Monistat. Hi Msfino, one never knows what their significant other is up to. On physical exam, the absence of diffuse involvement of the entire vulvar and perineal area distinguishes it from the more common dysesthetic neuralgia. Just tell me it's something so I can learn to deal with it or take steps to make it better. Unlike classical pudendal neuralgia i. Sign In or Register.

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I asked him to stop because my clitoris was sore.

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My clitoris hurts??

Other research focuses on the possibility of a viral-induced neuropathy, i. You can try taking warm hip bath soaks several ties a day to try to clear out the area. J Reprod Med Aug;45 8: Use as warm a water as you can without burning yourself-you can even add a little epsom salts if you want. Do not be afraid to call your doctor who is on call to desribe your symptoms. Patients with chronic pelvic pain from clitoral neuralgia have found that loose clothing, nontraumatic exercises, and either cold or warm compresses will decrease the pain. Subscribe to free Drugs.

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painful burning on clitoris for months
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painful burning on clitoris for months
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