Anal sex in christian marriage

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Learn how your comment data is processed. While your statement accurately describes most of my argument against anal sex it leaves off one important part. However, this text has nothing to do with anal sex or any other kind of sex. Some might respond to the health risks of anal sex like a recent commenter on my blog who goes by the name of Jonadab-the-Rechabite:. The key phrase I would take from what you said is this: In same way people often experience internal pains which tells them something is wrong.

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Government schools do not teach children to love and fear God, but to think in worldly patterns and to disobey His law.

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Is anal sex ok between a married Christian couple as foreplay?

But just because the Hebrew words behind Sodom and Sodomite do not specifically refer to homosexual acts this does not mean the Bible does not clearly condemn homosexual acts. The use of these is a tricky undertaking. Most people today when they hear the word sodomy think of one of two things — homosexual acts especially between two or more men or anal sex. We can just imagine CNN covering that story! If he can gently convince her and not force the issue, then fine.

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anal sex in christian marriage
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anal sex in christian marriage
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