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I can understand it happening at night at but during the day? Johnny Arizona 3 She needs to be there for at least 3 minutes, and she needs to try to go. Jojo - Oct 7: She'd peed herself on Brian's chair once before in his absence but on that occasion she'd been careful to protect it with several large bath towels. If all else fails, take her to a child psychologist. Her room smells like a toilet no matter how many times I clean it.

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To be truthful she'd needed to pee whilst at Wendy's, squirming a bit but resisting the urge to hold herself.

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My 5 Year Old Deliberately Wets Herself: How Can I Stop This?

I suggest you ignore her when she does it. Brian closed the curtains before seating himself on the adjacent sofa. He'd been one of the fifteen and had positively relished the spanking he'd been given in the dining room at breakfast time. This was a planned, deliberate act, and you're not in the least bit sorry — certainly not as sorry as I'm going to make you. A facility may have insufficient porcelain to support the school year's class sizes. Come here and do as you're told.

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deliberate wetting peeing spanking
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deliberate wetting peeing spanking
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