Vaccine targetting transport of sperm

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Antiserum from three different mice immunized with the vaccine was tested against four multiple tissue blots. Inhibition of human sperm function and mouse fertilization in vitro by an. To further evaluate the speci ficity of antibody in serum th at responded to immunizatio n. However immunization of both male and female rabbits carried out using recombinant SPAM 1 rSPAM-1 did not result in infertility in any of the immunized animal. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC.

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Construction of a Catsper1 DNA Vaccine and Its Antifertility Effect on Male Mice

The utility of a sperm antigen in the development of a contraceptive vaccine is contingent on its sperm specificity, on involvement in the fertilization process, and on raising an immune response that is capable of inhibiting fertility in a reversible manner. The Journal of Reproduction and Fertility. Receive exclusive offers and updates from Oxford Academic. DNA vaccination favours memo. Also, no abnormality was seen in the pups born after involuntary or voluntary regain of fertility. In comparison to polyclonal antibody, use of monoclonal antibody is particularly appealing and feasible. All relevant data are.

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vaccine targetting transport of sperm
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vaccine targetting transport of sperm
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