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Two days ago I noticed two lumps on either side of my cliterous which feel like little glands. Could this be an STD? I have had on and off sice i can rember and i have had 2 urine test and the doctors found vey small traces of blood in my urine ut they didnttake any further action. Anyhelp would be fab Y. However, these symptoms do not necessarily mean a person has cancer; they are much more likely to be caused by another condition, such as an infection. If you have symptoms that might be linked to vaginal cancer your doctor will most likely:

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I've had them for over ten years.

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Vaginal cancer

I feel like I have thrush am itchy and sore abt my vagina ,I got cream to treat the thrush so wen I was rubbing the cream in a felt 2 small pea like lumps ,is this anything to worry abt as its making me panic not knowing. Bt I mist my docs appointment n am scared it may turn cancerous. I had baby 11 weeks ago I took period 3 weeks ago I have little bumpy spots i'n my cervix it bleeds sometimes and it has bad smell and lots of White and yellowy discharge I sometimes get back pain and shooting pains at my front abdomen can anyone help x I have some pain i'n cervix to and have haemorrhoids i'n bum to. To begin with I thought I had a small cut from shaving at the very top between the lips but since then it went scabby and there are now other little lumps around the lips of my vagina going down on each side. Vaginal inclusion cysts are the most common type of vaginal cyst. A recent study takes a look at how adding cottonseed oil to a high-fat diet impacts a person's levels of 'good' and 'bad' cholesterol, among other factors.

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a ball in the vagina
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a ball in the vagina
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