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As in Experiment 1, the looking times on the two test trials see Figure 3 were entered into a mixed-design ANOVA with test trial fear-relevant vs. As a service to our customers we are providing this early version of the manuscript. Is part of this greater incidence of snake and spider fear in women the result of a specialized evolved fear mechanism? The new science of the mind. Vasey M, Dadds M, editors. Note, however, that the results should not be interpreted to mean that males are unable to learn relations between facial emotions and fear-relevant stimuli. There are at least two reasons to reject this claim, however.

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Behaviour, Research and Therapy.

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As such, the current data support the hypothesis that women may be more predisposed than men to learn to the appropriate emotion for non-human animals that were recurrent threats over evolutionary time. Two of the most beautiful whores in the prime of their fucking careers. Previous research with infants on this issue has failed to detect such a sex-difference, perhaps because of limited sample sizes e. Attention to fear-relevant stimuli by adults and young children. Abstract Previous studies with adult humans and non-human animals revealed more rapid fear learning for spiders and snakes than for mushrooms and flowers. A green expanding and contracting circle on a black background with a synchronous bell sound was presented prior to the first habituation trial and between each habituation and test trial. Detecting the snake in the grass:

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