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Studies show that people who lack confidence also take leg crossed positions. One by one the other group members will cross their arms and legs and remain in that position until you, the stranger, leave. The rule here is simple - for social contexts, exposed crossed legs are fine but avoid it in business. With legs wide open It means: For a woman, positions like the scissors stance and the single leg crossed stance send two messages: Young, healthy people walk faster than older people, with their arms swinging higher in front and behind due to their additional speed and greater muscle flexibility.

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Putting their masculinity on display.

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The way we sit & what it means

A complete no-no would be the American style of sitting-basically the ankle resting on the opposite knee in a wide four. Putting their masculinity on display. Women wearing mini-skirts cross their legs and ankles for obvious reasons. This position highlights insecurity, despite how relaxed a woman's upper body may appear. If you're sitting with your legs crossed, you may twitch the hanging foot up and down, or back and forth. In the women's variant of locking ankles the knees are held together, the feet may be to one side and the hands rest side by side or one on top of the other resting on the upper legs.

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keep her legs apart
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keep her legs apart
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