Means to strip of equipment

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. UK football the uniform of a football team, or the same worn by supporters. Point and wing can be replaced independently. Before him the priest was stripping the robe from the girl at his feet. A special feature is the separate adjustment of the break-up share and fertiliser injector. Among them are the entering conditions, the degree of recovery of the solute needed, the choice of the stripping agent and its flow, the operating conditions, the number of stages, the heat effects, and the type and size of the equipment. Agriculture tr agriculture to draw the last milk from each of the teats of a cow.

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The other birds, recognising their own borrowed plumage, indignantly protested, and began to strip him.

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Kverneland Kultistrip

This means seeding can be done earlier and makes driving on the field for crop care and harvesting work simpler. Strip - definition of strip by The Free Dictionary https: To draw and discard the first drops of milk from the udder of a cow or goat, for example at the start of milking. Norm will strip the old varnish before painting the chair. Historical Examples of strip Wrap in a strip of gauze or cheesecloth and place in a steamer. Strip is defined as to remove clothing or covering or take something away from a person or thing.

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means to strip of equipment
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means to strip of equipment
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