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Log in or sign up in seconds. We're allowed to cut any lines but on this particular day, I wasn't in a hurry so I waited patiently behind maybe 10 people. They felt down around my shoulders and across my collar bones. I know it is supposed to be safe for the baby, but I still never risk it when pregnant. The whole room went silent.

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Then proceeded to rub and press all over my belly.

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Let's let her go through! The TSA agent isn't happy with his work, however, and decides to poke the baby to wake him up "in case it's a doll". The voices make her hang out here or something. Got to the scanner, TSA dude's yelling at everyone to put everything in the bin. Random "additional screening", mandatory pat-downs, puffer scans, etc were common. TSA makes a big deal about finding guns that would have been readily detected by private screeners using the x-ray belts and walk through metal detectors in

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