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They were in the middle of a lawsuit because of admissions issues. When I left I changed the entire internal networks' passwords to "i dont know". Most of the people working there were young women because my boss was a class-A douche also, he was French who liked yell at them and periodically make them cry. He was acting crazy, lashing out at people for no reason more than he used toand actually gave inspections to the people living around him to find the noise that was keeping him up night, because he suspected it was "something electronic in your racks. He just stood there and stared at me. I then launched a legal claim against him for unfair dismissal and my case will be heard by the employment appeals tribunal in a few weeks.

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I don't see why this will make you all that upset".

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Be the boss, not a friend

My father lost his temper, told him to get fucked, how incompetent he was, how he was riding on other people's talent, quit right there and then and left for the hospital. This was all on top of thee kind of general douchebaggery that's already been described. I just ignored it since I already figured I was winning the game of life. I used to design print ads and flyers for retail stores, and I swear, my boss would not tell me about the ads that needed to be made until maybe 2 hours before they had to go to print. So my abuse made sure this prick no longer has a job.

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christmas gifts for an asshole bos
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christmas gifts for an asshole bos
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