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Ann Rev Anthropol That might seem a little backwards, but it actually makes a lot of sense. Solitary play shows no such sex difference. On a more personal note, Joseph has had a near-obsession with video games for as long as he can remember, and is probably playing a game at this very moment. But his aggression is wasted.

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A lady bonobo carefully considering her mate options.

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Animal Sex: How Chimps Do It

Anderson2 David J. Edwards CP Behavioral sex differences in children of diverse cultures: This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. In sum, we have characterized the average developmental trajectories of several key behaviors in a large sample of wild chimpanzees. His work covers all areas of science, from the quirky mating behaviors of different animals, to the drug and alcohol habits of ancient cultures, to new advances in solar cell technology.

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chimpanzee having sex with a lady
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chimpanzee having sex with a lady
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3 thoughts on “Chimpanzee having sex with a lady

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